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Humidity Levels And Water Damage

One of the overlooked contributors to water damage is humidity. Humidity can trouble your property in different ways. Whether it be high humidity levels from outdoors or from within, your home is susceptible to water damage from high humidity. Because of the threat that high humidity poses and the fact that it is often underestimated, […]

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Effective Water Damage Cleanup In Galveston

When you experience a water disaster in Galveston, it can happen for several reasons. You might find that your roof has been leaking for some time and water has started to damage the floor below. Or you might find yourself dealing with a sudden and unexpected pipe burst. However the water is getting in your […]

water damage galveston, water damage cleanup galveston

Why Is Water Damage Cleanup Immediately Necessary?

Water damage cleanup in Galveston is an emergency business. Water can saturate every surface and item in your home, leading to increased damages. Because water can spread quickly, water damage cleanup needs to begin immediately following any type of water damage in order to mitigate further damage. We at ServiceMaster would like to introduce a […]

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The Dangers of Standing Water & Lingering Moisture

Galveston is humid. Period. Add in the rainy season, and turbulent seasons in the tropics that spawn storms like Hurricane Harvey and, well, we’ve got moisture issues on our hands. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of dealing with any water-related issues in your business as soon as you find them. No matter how much […]