Residential Flooding: What’s The Damage?

water damage repair katy, water damage katyUnfortunately, Southeast Texas isn’t immune from natural disasters. Flooding can cause serious damage to your residential and commercial property. From a burst pipe to a natural disaster, don’t let water damage stop you in your tracks. Be prepared to know who to call if your property has succumbed to water damage.

  1. Natural Disasters

Flooding from hurricanes, rainstorms, or sewage lines can cause serious destruction. Standing water from these events will be full of contaminants and disease; animal feces, parasites, bacteria, and fungi can grow and thrive in contaminated waters. Serious illness can result from entering the contaminated water. If you were in standing water, seek medical attention as a proactive measure to prevent disease.

  1. Electrical

Use caution when entering a property with standing water, if at all costs do not enter the property without having turned off electricity beforehand. Water is a conductor of electricity; exposed wires and sockets can send an electrical current through water and cause severe injury to anyone in the water.

  1. Mold

From leaky pipes to a flood, excess moisture can breed mold and mildew growth. Bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and utility rooms are areas where mold growth is most likely to occur. When excess moisture is present, mold may be visibly noticeable or present with a distinct foul musty odor. Within 48 hours, mold can spread and release spores causing additional growth, especially on porous surfaces such as drywall, carpet, and wood. Mold and mildew can cause negative air quality in your home which can cause respiratory irritation, itchy and watery eyes and coughing. In order to prevent or limit the amount of damage, quick action will need to be taken.

  1. Content Restoration

Personal belongings such as clothing, furnishings, electronics, and documentation may be salvaged. Your items will be packed out, cataloged for inventory and thoroughly cleaned to remove excess water and contaminants. Immediate action can save photographs and important paperwork from mold and rot.

       5. Sanitize and Disinfect

A certified water damage and restoration company will be able to safely assess the damage done to your property. While water damage can produce mold and mildew growth, secondary and tertiary damage can occur. Water is capable of dissolving many different substances and will cause significant structural damage if not immediately resolved. Professional hoses and fans will be used to remove standing water and filter and clean the air. Hazmat suits and protective eyewear may be necessary to cleaning, clearing and removing surfaces that are covered in mold and debris.

When water damage occurs you’re battling the clock, the longer water sits the more damage it can cause. For the safety of you and your family, hiring a restoration company to assess the level of damage, devise a plan of action and get to work can save your time and money and reduce the additional damage that could occur. Don’t hesitate to call, with a 24-hour emergency response, ServiceMaster Restoration by Century will be there for you in your time of need.