Water Damage From Uneven Weather

water damage repair katy, water damage katy, water damage cleanup katySo this summer in Katy was dry, and since October we have had more rain than average. Whether you are new to the gulf area or have been here for generations, two things about south Texas weather is true. It is unpredictable and unreliable. While El Niño of 2019 is officially done, we might have another year of uneven rain and storms. With erratic weather comes property problems. Scattered weather can easily cause water damage to your home or business in Katy. Here are a few things to think about and prepare for. 

Foundation Problems

The biggest impact drought has on your property is its impact on your foundation. During periods of prolonged dryness, the soil surrounding your home shrinks away, causing foundation issues that, if not addressed, can grow into even bigger problems over time. Settling foundations are often caused by soil shrinking away during dry spells. 

Cracks will first form in basement walls, which may be overlooked by many homeowners. Eventually, the damage will spread to the upper levels of the home. Cracks in upstairs drywall may start to appear, as well as hard-to-open doors and windows. You also have the added risk that the shifting foundation will crack a pipe. 

Landscaping Problems

Your yard is your pride and joy. You plan the hardscaping and plants to compliment your home’s architecture and work within the normal climate of this zone. When it rains too much, the plants can get overgrown; roots can break the pipes. Weeks of rain can lead to soggy, unstable landscaping that can collapse and allow water into your home.

However, too little rain can also hurt your home. When it is too dry, shrubs and even your trees can weaken or die. You might not realize how unstable a tall pine is until a storm topples it into your home.


Although it might not be your first thought, foundation problems caused by drought can lead to home flooding. When your foundation settles and cracks form, your home becomes vulnerable from the next hard rain.

Katy has more than a hundred years of history with unpredictable hurricanes. Remember the extraordinary weather events like the 1900 Hurricane, or Carla, Alicia, Allison, Ike or Harvey. Houston’s low level and position on the gulf guarantees that we will have more flooding in the future. 

All Katy homes are at risk of water damage from the combination of dry years followed by extremely wet years. Cultivate a relationship with a trusted, full-service restoration company to help maintain your home. 

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