3 Ways To Prevent Flooding To Your Home

water damage repair katy, water damage katy, water damage cleanup katyIn Katy, Texas, and the surrounding area, you can never be too safe when it comes to water damage prevention. Since water easily enters the home through the foundation into the basement, it is important to make sure that your basement is safeguarded from any excess water. We at ServiceMaster by Century would like to introduce 3 things you can do to keep water away from your home and flooding into your basement.

  1. A sump pump is the best investment you can make to help prevent basement flooding. Sump pumps send excess water away from your home to a location where it will not be able to flood your basement (i.e. municipal storm drains or dry wells). Sump pumps also eliminate moisture and help keep your basement mold-free and dry. Sump pump failure is one of the most frequent causes of basement flooding, so you have to make sure that it is properly maintained. There should also be a back-up system in place in case the sump pump fails. A backup sump pump that is powered by a generator or battery-operated will kick on if the power goes out, or if the first sump pump fails, and will help to keep water damage out of your basement.
  2. Inspect your foundation regularly. Any cracks or damage to the foundation of your home can let water in. Areas, where water can pool up near your home, should also be addressed. Any time excess water is allowed to gather around the foundation of your home, it increases the risk of flooding. If the ground becomes oversaturated, that water will look for somewhere else to go – which consequently ends up being inside your home. If you notice any areas that have cracks or are more prone to pooling water, get them addressed immediately. 
  3. Keep gutters and downspouts clean and clear. When gutters are clear from debris and downspouts are properly positioned away from your home, water from rain and storms will flow freely instead of pooling up against your foundation. Leaves, dirt, sticks, and debris all find their way into gutters, and if not cleared out can cause blockages that will make water backup and overflow. They should be inspected and cleared out at least twice a year to avoid any clogs. Downspouts should channel and direct water to flow at least 3 feet away from your home’s foundation. If your downspouts are not directing water far enough away from your home, water will end up pooling around the foundation and could find its way into the basement. Downspout extensions or troughs can be used to add length and keep water away from your home. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century is a highly reputable, licensed, insured, and endorsed water damage repair company serving Katy, Texas and surrounding areas. In addition to our years of experience, our qualified technicians have completed advanced training in water damage repair and mitigation. We handle all types of water damage repair, so if you find your basement flooded, we will make sure to get it cleaned up quickly and effectively.