4 Signs Of Water Damage Within Your Business

water damage repair katy, water damage katyYou have been a business owner for some time. Business is good and your employees seem to be pleased with their assignments. Within a few more years, it is your hope to take your business to greater heights. However, the winter weather is still strong and every business owner should be aware of the potential water damage that can occur if certain issues are not remedied.  

The damage done by water can be tricky.  It knows how to sneak within the confines of your office building subtly in order to slip into your walls and do terrible damage before you know it.  If caught early enough, any damage received by the water can be negated and repaired. However, if left to its own devices the water can do serious damage to your business which could cost you thousands in damage, and the repairs would be a very bitter pill to swallow.  

Take note of these few tips that will help you locate potential water damage before it becomes too late for yourself, and your business. If you find yourself in need of water damage cleanup, call a professional team like ServiceMaster By Century to help remove standing water and clean up the affected areas.

Peeling Paint: While wandering outside or through the halls of your business, if you notice peeling paint somewhere on your property, and are unable to find a source of origin, it means you are dealing with potential water damage.  Repeated moisture exposure or high humidity can cause water to form within the paint and causing it to begin the peeling process. However, if you discover that your drywall is bulging or peeling, it may be time to replace the wall itself.

Discoloration: Brown and yellow are colors that are commonly used within buildings of business and at times, even homes.  However, as we all know, colors change when mixed together. When wandering the halls of your business, if you perchance notice yellow or brown coloring amongst your walls and or ceiling, this most certainly means that you have water damage.  If the damage is a part of the ceiling, there is a chance that you have bathroom issues. However, if you cannot identify the source, it could mean that you have a leaky or even burst pipe.

Warped Structures: If it turns out that your ceiling seems to bulge, or your walls seemed to have changed shape, it is highly advised that you get in touch with a professional as soon as can be done. Bulging walls or ceilings means that the damage is already grasping onto the structure and needs to be taken care of.

Mold: Mold is not a problem that should be taken lightly. If you see even a smidgen of the fungus, take care of it immediately. Mold and water damage go together like peanut butter and honey. If you discover one, there is a highly probable chance that it will be accompanied by the other. But mold is very deceptive: just because you may locate it, this does not mean you have discovered the source or the extent of the damage.  

Water damage is never a situation that anyone wishes to deal with, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner.  And when it occurs, unless caught quickly, these repairs can be extensive. When water damage does occur within your business, give ServiceMaster Restore by Century a call.  Their services are available 24/7, in Katy Texas and the surrounding areas, from which their professional crew will come in and take care of any water damage that they come across, repairing it along the way. (210)-853-2278