Humidity Levels And Water Damage

water damage cleanup galveston, water damage restoration galveston, water damage repair galvestonOne of the overlooked contributors to water damage is humidity. Humidity can trouble your property in different ways. Whether it be high humidity levels from outdoors or from within, your home is susceptible to water damage from high humidity. Because of the threat that high humidity poses and the fact that it is often underestimated, it is important that you understand everything there is to know about humidity and water damage. Using this knowledge will help you in case you have any water damage cleanup needs. From our water damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster by Century in Galveston, here are a few facts to prepare you.


Indoor Moisture And Humidity

When warm, humid air contacts a cool surface, moisture condenses into water droplets. Many everyday activities in our homes add moisture to the air by doing this. These activities include cooking, bathing, washing clothes, and washing dishes. Some models of heating appliances such as unvented natural gas or kerosene heaters also add moisture to the air. This also occurs during the winter when windows, walls, and doors lack proper circulation and are subsequently cooler surfaces. This causes droplets of water to accumulate on them and increases the humidity levels in the air. As droplets accumulate on these surfaces, they can wear away at the walls by causing rot, peeling paint, providing the ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow.  

Controlling Indoor Humidity Levels

There are two main elements to controlling indoor moisture levels. They are minimizing cool surfaces and reducing humidity. If you focus on these two things you should be able to keep water damage from excessive indoor moisture at bay. Storm doors and windows minimize cool surfaces in the winter by separating the interior from cold, outside air. Double- and triple-pane windows also insulate interior glass from the cold. In addition to reducing moisture, adding these improvements will make your home more energy-efficient year-round. Your HVAC systems can also help you regulate moisture levels in your home. Gas and electric furnaces help reduce indoor humidity because they use dry heat. Air conditioning does so as well as it cools. Make sure to always stay on top of this to avoid any water damage cleanup.

Other Things To Know 

It’s important to recognize that humidity is not so easily recognizable as visible moisture. With humidity, your home can be very moist without you even taking much notice of it. This commonly happens in bathrooms. Think of all the steam that goes into the air when you take a shower. That moisture has to go somewhere, and it often ends up on the walls. This is why it’s important that you turn your bathroom fan on when showering since that helps to reduce the humidity levels. 

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Galveston

Water damage from humidity can easily be prevented. Knowing what to look for will ensure that water damage cleanup is avoided in your home. We at ServiceMaster by Century in Galveston hope you find these tips helpful for preventing water damage from humidity. Still, don’t hesitate to give us a call for any water damage cleanup help you may need.