Importance of Professional Smoke & Soot Removal


If your property has been devastated by a fire, there will be resulting smoke damage. While there may be areas of your home that will obviously be affected, you may be surprised to find smoke damage in unsuspected areas. It’s vital to utilize the professional services of a company like ServiceMaster Century to remediate, clean and restore your property after a fire.

Soot Reacts Quickly

Immediately after a fire, soot particles scatter and settle on the property. Soot is the result of incomplete burningsmoke damage cleanup huntsville, smoke damage restoration huntsville materials and can be heavily contaminated, and dangerous to someone without the proper disposal knowledge. Soot particles are incredibly fine making it easy to settle deep within porous surfaces, travel through walls, ventilation systems, and drift into the attic. Not only are the particles difficult to remove, but smoke leaves a distinct odor, that will require professional solutions and tools to be fully removed from your property.

Smoke Damage Can Equal Expensive Repairs

If not handled quickly and properly, soot can cause significant deterioration and discoloration of surfaces and can lead to significant, expensive repairs. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification reported, “Within hours, all surfaces begin to suffer from fire and smoke damage. Wooden furniture may require refinishing. Metal begins to rust, pit and corrode. Painted walls begin to yellow. Clothing can become permanently stained. And finally, flooring may require refinishing or replacement.”

Health Concerns

Even through conventional cleaning methods, smoke odor and particles can linger and settle, and without professional equipment designed to neutralize odors completely, it’ll be difficult to fully rid your property of smoke damage. Because smoke and soot particles are so fine, they won’t just settle onto porous surfaces, they will also make their way into the ventilation system. If the home ventilation system is not properly evaluated and cleaned, these particles can blow throughout the house. As a result, the air quality of the home will be negatively impacted and can cause a flare up of asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.

Professional Cleaning Equals Peace of Mind

The structural integrity of a property that was devastated by a fire will require inspection, not only for safety purposes, but to evaluate the amount of damage and needed repair. Whether the whole house was engulfed in flame or just a small contained section, it’s important to have a certified technician evaluate the property.

Like ServiceMaster by Century, find professionals that deliver honest, 24/7 emergency services and will respond to your call in your time of need. Full-service fire damage, reconstruction, and content clean-up companies are your one stop shop to handle all of your restoration needs. Do your research! Read reviews and testimonials of different restoration companies to find out which ones provide optimal customer service that will fit your needs. Good restoration companies will have technicians that will walk you through your property to evaluate the damage, they’ll design a plan and provide you with informational forms to give you the knowledge necessary to have a full understanding of fire and smoke remediation and the restoration process. Eliminate your stress and burden by calling a licensed professional fire restoration company. 

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