Fire And Property Damage

ServiceMaster, ServiceMaster by CenturyDepending on the damage, a home can be restored to its before-fire state. This can only happen of course if you call the trained and certified professionals at ServiceMaster By Century in Sugarland, Texas to get rid any left-over ash, soot, and odor. A restoration team has a difficult task to perform, but they always have an amazing deal of responsibility. They can ensure that you will be satisfied with their efforts.

Yes, the flames can cause a great amount of damage done to your home, but keep in mind that ash, soot, and smoke residue will make the home noxious to live in. Getting rid of those things should be done quickly because ash is acidic and materials will begin to deteriorate if not cleaned-up fast enough. The certified experts at ServiceMaster By Century will take time to have a very thorough, deep cleaning in your home. The treatment will include cleaning the walls, ceilings, furniture, and countertops. Ash and smoke will almost always end up in the vents and ducts as well, so those will be cleaned out too, preventing either to enter the home again.

Fire Damage Can Cause Extreme Damage

Even if a fire is completely put out, the remnants left behind will still continue to cause damage. Just after minutes of the fire occurring, plastic, small appliances, and highly porous materials like marble will begin to discolor from the acid residues. If the acid residue from the fire is still not cleaned up within hours, the grout in bathrooms, fiberglass bath fixtures, refrigerators, finish on any furniture, and the finish on an appliance can discolor and turn a yellow color. After days of the acid residue still sitting, it can start to turn painted walls a yellow color. Metal will begin to corrode and wood furniture will be demolished and need to be replaced and refinished. If you have flooring made from vinyl, that will also need to be refinished. Upholstery will also be stained permanently and clothing becomes stained.

Don’t ever wait to call ServiceMaster By Century in the Sugarland, Texas area to help restore your home back to the way it was before the disaster. If you wait too long, there will be more damage done and the cost of your restoration will become pricier.

The fire caused a lot of damage, but water and the chemicals used to extinguish it can also cause secondary damage. The acid residue from the fire can still continue to do damage, even after the fire was been put out for a long time. The problems still don’t end there. The odor from the disaster still remains, and ceiling or floor fans alone aren’t powerful enough to get rid of the odor. The professionals at ServiceMaster By Century will go through a deodorizing process using specialized machines and equipment. If there was a lot of water used to get rid of the fire, a drying process is necessary as well. The experts will determine how bad of damage the fire causes and what equipment they will need to use to clean it up. They will also determine whether items can be restored or if they will need to be replaced.