Trauma/Vandalism Cleanup

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century specializes in all types of bio-hazardous cleaning and the removal and disposal of infectious

trauma cleanup houston texas, trauma cleanup san Antonio, biohazard cleanup houston texas, biohazard cleanup san antonio waste. This includes crime scene cleaning, homicide or suicide cleanup, and odor removal from any type of problems that arise from these traumatic experiences.

Compassionate Bio-Hazard & Trauma Cleanup Service

We are here to help the families remedy any situation that may arise from such events. Our certified and well-trained technicians will provide a professional and prompt cleaning service by restoring the property to a safe and healthy condition in as short a time as possible. We work with all landlords including hotel/motel, apartment complexes as well as commercial properties. We are also dedicated to assisting the law enforcement agencies, coroners, funeral homes and public service agencies.

Our main goal is to ensure your safety now and in the future, leaving you time to take care of yourself and your family. Our promise to you is that we will work thoroughly and diligently so that you can get back to your life and your needs. 


ServiceMaster Restoration by Century is also available to take care of any vandalism to your property. If your home or property has been tarnished with any type of vandalism, call us immediately for help. 

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