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mold removal Houston, texas, mold removal magnolia, texas, Residential Mold Removal Services, mold removal Houston, mold removal magnolia,If you have mold growth in your home or suspect mold is growing in your home, ServiceMaster Restoration by Century can help. While mold growth is usually not a reason to panic, it is important that the problem is addressed quickly by a professional that can effectively contain and remove the mold.

Mold growth can cause a number of problems for homeowners, can often cause those with allergies to suffer, and can negatively impact the health of sensitive populations or those with compromised immune systems. Mold spores are an important part of nature, but concentrated levels inside your home can create an unhealthy environment.

Mold can also affect the structure of your home, causing deterioration of building materials including floors, ceilings, and walls. Where mold growth is present, it is important not to disturb the mold spores, as this can cause thousands of mold spores to release into the air and spread throughout your home.

When you call ServiceMaster Restoration by Century for your mold problem, we will locate the mold and safely remove it while containing the mold spores to the affected area. We will also check for areas of hidden mold or excess moisture that may be contributing to the mold growth. With ServiceMaster Restoration by Century, you can rest easy knowing the mold has been removed, and any potential causes of the mold growth have been addressed.

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