Preparing for a Flood in Houston

water damage repair houstonAccording to Nationwide Insurance, floodwater damage causes over $2 billion in property damage annually. Unfortunately, a significant portion of that statistic will come from Houston, Texas this year. Serious flooding in the Houston area has necessitated extensive water damage repair. If you’ve been affected by the flooding, please give Service Master Century in Houston a call. If not, you may now realize the importance of preparing for a flood. You can’t stop flooding from happening, but you can take preparatory measures to withstand potential floodwater damage. Here are a few simple tips to be prepared if a flood reaches your Houston home (again):

  1. Elevate what you can.

Washers, dryers, furnaces, and oil tanks are major focuses of water damage cleanup. To minimize the effect of flooding, raise each appliance up on cinder blocks to reach above the floodwater line. If this step isn’t feasible, protect appliances with a flood wall or wrap them in polyethylene film. Although this won’t keep out water, it will filter out silt, making the water damage cleanup process much easier.

  1. Invest in a sump pump.

If you are unfamiliar with this appliance, a sump pump is used to remove water that accumulates in the sump basin. It’s usually placed in the basement of homes to counteract the effects of flooding. Depending on the elevation and layout of your home, investing in several sump pumps that will kick on after water rises to a certain level could provide a dramatic help. It is also wise to install battery backups to keep the pumps working if (and probably when) the power shuts off.

  1. Install a flood-detection device.

This device can sound an alarm or notify you on your cell phone if it senses water. This can allow you to quickly respond to the emergency and minimize damage. It can be purchased online or in your local hardware store.

  1. Formulate a detailed emergency plan.

There are several websites and articles that can assist you in coming up with a fool-proof emergency plan. The federal government has several lists and tools that may be of help to you. In addition, here are a few items that should be included in your emergency preparation materials:

  • Emergency supplies. This should include, but is not limited to, a can opener, plenty of non-perishable food, additional clothing for each family member, a first aid kit, basic toiletries, blankets, flashlight and batteries, and a heater specifically designed for emergencies.
  • An escape plan. In the case of a sudden flood, be sure every member of your family knows the best way out and a common meeting spot. Contact the America Red Cross for your local community evacuation plan. Know your evacuation route and the fastest way to a safe harbor facility.
  • Current personal information. Keep copies of your insurance, social security cards, birth certificates, and other critical documents available in your emergency supplies.

Preparing for a flood, although time-consuming, is something you may be very grateful for later. Especially in the Houston area, it is necessary to be equipped to respond quickly and effectively to a flood. But with all the preparation in the world, sometimes the unexpected can still happen. If your home has been damaged by a flood, call Service Master Century in Houston, Texas. We have the experience and training to go above and beyond to meet your needs.