Planning for Disaster: Commercial Water Damage in Houston

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Having a plan of action is your first defense against commercial water damage in Houston. Storms are unpredictable, and there is often little that can be done to prevent water damage from natural disasters like hurricanes and flash flooding from occurring. But in the event that something does happen, do your employees know what they should do? Who to contact? What to do to prevent additional or secondary damage?

Create an Emergency Plan

In the event that you are not available, your employees need to know what to do and who has the authority to make decisions in emergency situations. Quick action is necessary when dealing with commercial water damage in Houston, and any delays can mean more damage will occur. Even if your business is not in an area prone to flooding, it is a good idea to have an emergency plan so you and your employees know what to do and who to call to ensure water damage cleanup is performed quickly and effectively.

Selecting a Water Damage Restoration Company

It is always a good idea to plan in advance and have a few commercial water damage restoration companies listed in the event of an emergency. Take the time to talk to a few companies about your business and any specific needs, and ensure that they are equipped to handle a water damage emergency at your property. Always ask about education, training, and experience.

Some water damage restoration companies in Houston, including ServiceMaster by Century, also provide emergency services including temporary lighting, emergency boardup, and climate control services. Evaluate your company’s needs and be sure to ask what type of emergency services they offer.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Houston

ServiceMaster by Century provides commercial water damage cleanup services in Houston and the surrounding areas. We also have the ability to provide temporary power, temporary fencing, and emergency boardup when needed. Contact us today to discuss our services and how we can help your business if disaster strikes.