3 Common Causes Of Mold Growth

mold removal houston, mold cleanup houstonMold has a nasty way of creeping up on you just when you think life is going great. You might be washing your hair one morning, look up, and see a growing patch of dark mold in your bathroom. Or you could be doing a much-needed renovation to your home, knock down a wall, and see a secretly growing forest of mold behind your walls. Whenever you come into contact with the mold, it’s never a great experience and you immediately want to take a shower, unless of course, the mold is in the shower. So how can you prevent mold in your home? Here are some of the more common causes of mold growth in Houston

Lack Of Ventilation

Houston, as you probably know, is a very humid place. It can feel like a sauna in the summertime, but at least you can save money on lotion! Mold likes to grow wherever there is a source of water and food and mold is not picky about what it likes to eat. So, basically, mold can grow anywhere there is moisture. If you have a basement or if you just have poor ventilation in your home, you are likely to have mold growing somewhere. You may not see it, because mold is just as likely to grow within your walls as it is without your walls, but it will probably be there if you don’t take some precautions.

Leaving your windows open to ventilate is a great way to reduce mold growth, so is setting out a dehumidifier. If you are suspicious of mold growing in your home, call a mold removal professional at ServiceMaster By Century to get it taken care of. 

Flood Aftermath

Houston gets a lot of storms, especially during hurricane season. One of the more common reasons for mold growth is flooding. Most homes in Houston don’t have basements, but even if you don’t you could be a victim of flooding. If your yard is not graded correctly, you could have water pouring into your house during a major storm. Even if your property is graded, you could have a flood if you haven’t cleaned out your gutters. And if you have a flood and you don’t dry your home out sufficiently you may need to call a professional to handle your mold removal down the line. 


Every home is susceptible to pipe bursts and leaks from time to time. And if you handle these correctly and have a professional come out to clean it up, you likely will not have to deal with mold removal. However, if you don’t get all the moisture up from a leak, you could end up having mold growth in your walls or on your subfloor. 


Mold damage can happen to anyone, no matter how prepared you are for it. The best thing to do when you experience mold damage is to get it cleaned up correctly the first time so that mold has no time to grow.