Is your Katy Home Safe From Water Damage?

Water Damage SmallStorms and heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on your Katy home if you’re not prepared. Making sure your home is protected from unexpected storms and heavy rainfall can go a long way in preventing some serious water damage. We want to encourage you to take a few preventative measures to prevent water damage.

Did you know that water seepage is may not be covered under your homeowner’s policy, so getting a jump start on weather proofing your home before a storm hits can save you stress and money in the long run.

Making sure the downspouts and gutters are clear of any debris is an important step in directing the flow away from your foundation. You want to make sure any area that is prone to water build up is clear so that any runoff can flow away from your dwelling.

Another thing that you can do to prevent water damage is make sure that the ground around your foundation slopes away from your home. This helps the water run away from your basement walls.

Here Are 4 Tips to Keep Your Katy Home Safe from Water Damage

  1. Gutters and Downspouts – As mentioned previously, make sure your gutters and downspouts are properly cleared of all debris and in good condition so that when the rain starts to fall it flows away from your house.
  2. Use Window Well Guards – Keep window wells protected from damage by installing window well guards. If you have rain water collecting in your window wells it can easily travel right into your basement.
  3. Caulking – Make sure all the caulking around your home is in good condition and not peeling. Prevent further water seepage by caulking any cracks in the foundation and don’t forget the areas that run between your sidewalks or driveways and the home.
  4. Grading/Direct Water Away – The area around your home should have a downward slope in order to help direct water away from your home. Also if you have flowers and shrubs you should lay a heavy plastic under the rocks/chip to help divert water away from your house.
  5. Check Your Windows and Doors – Check your windows and doors for any cracks, broken seals, or gaps. When a heavy storm hits and the wind starts to blow and the rain starts to fall your windows and doors can take a pounding. Make sure your door frames and window frames are secure. You could have storm proof doors and windows but they won’t do you much good if the frames are fragile.

Even if you follow all of those tips perfectly you may not be able to prevent water from entering your home. If you find yourself knee deep in water or there is any sign of water damage at all, please call Service Master Century in Katy for all of your water damage cleanup needs or questions.

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