Holiday Safety Tips

Family watching home burnAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, there is approximately $17.5 million in damages and an average of seven deaths, all caused by Christmas tree fires in the United States. Don’t let your holiday decorations turn into a holiday disaster in The Woodlands. Following these simple safety tips will help you have a safer Christmas holiday and keep you from having a smoke damage clean up in your home.

Choosing the Right Tree

When you start looking for your Christmas tree, make sure to see that it has fresh green needles on it that don’t fall off when you touch them. If you touch the tree and needles fall off, that is a good sign that your tree is drying out and is a fire hazard. Once you pick your tree, cut off about one to two inches off the truck before placing the tree in your stand. Use a tree stand that can hold at least one quart of water per inch of your trees trunk and replace the water daily.

If you decide to go with an artificial tree, check the labels to verify that your tree is fire retardant to avoid a smoke damage clean up in your home.

Finding the Right Spot

When putting your tree up, be careful on where you place it. Keep your tree at least three feet away from any heat source. This includes, fireplaces, candles, radiators, and heating vents. Be sure to check to make sure that your tree is not blocking any exits or entrances in your room or home.


When you are decorating your tree, make sure you check all of your lights before putting them on your tree. Check for damage or wear, broken cords, or even loose bulb connection. Only connect up to three strands of lights together. Plugging in more that three lights together could cause a fire in your home.

When using lights on your tree, using LEDs are the safer way to go. LEDs burn a lot cooler than any other lights, reducing the risk of having a smoke damage clean up. A few extra dollars on lights could save you thousands of dollars in home repairs from a fire.

Do not run electrical cords through doorways or under carpets to the tree. Having traffic walking on electrical cords could cause wear on your cords.

Disposing Your Tree

After the holiday is over, you should always take down your tree. Leaving your tree up past the holiday will make your tree dry out even more, making it a greater risk for a fire and smoke damage in your home. SM Century recommends that you check to see where you can dispose of your tree in your community so you can dispose of it properly and not have a fire damage in the Woodlands.


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