Has Water Damage Invaded your Home in The Woodlands

flooding modern interior loft in the evening. 3d concept design.

flooding modern interior loft in the evening. 3d concept design.

When water invades your Woodlands home damage can rapidly set in. Cleaning up that damage or trying to repair the affected areas can be extremely difficult. The water can seep into the wall and effect the structural integrity of the building.

Water damage can also carry the dangers of contaminants. Pathogens like viruses, fungi and bacteria are possible hazards you may have to deal with. Moreover, just in terms of physical damage, your personal possessions, not to mention your carpeting, walls, appliances, furniture and more can be completely ruined if water has covered them.

At times, homeowners may think they can take care of any problem after experiencing water damage themselves, by simply cleaning up the mess. But because there could be hidden damage that continues after the surface water is gone, it is important to bring in a professional like ServiceMaster Century because special equipment is needed to find and completely remove any water or dampness, as well as disinfect any affected areas.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century has a great reputation, is licensed, insured, and endorsed water service provider for numerous insurance companies. Our qualified technicians have extensive experience and have completed advanced training in water removal, dehumidification systems, mold removal and corrosion controls. Our highly trained staff is ready always ready to assist you in taking the first step in restoring your home.