Do What You Can To Prevent Future Flood Damage

flood damage cleanup houston, flood damage repair houstonHouston and Galveston suffer more than their fair share of floods. Our awesome location for fun, business, agriculture, and energy production has, unfortunately, placed us in the path of hurricanes and tropical storms. You know the risks – but what can you do? We at ServiceMaster know it’s impossible to completely flood-proof a property but there are lots of things you can do to reduce flood damage. Perhaps you’re doing repairs after a recent flood or moving into a flood-proof area and want to make sure your refurb helps prevent future damage:

Cheap And Easy Fixes

  • Stock up on sandbags. Store them in the garage for easy access.
  • Fit non-return valves on drains and pipes to help prevent sewage from flowing back through pipes from toilets and sinks. 
  • Shelving and storage choices–Mount high shelves for storing valuable items.
  • Raise your household appliances off of the ground floor or raise them on platforms where they stand now.

Spend A Little More Time And Money 

  • Move electrical sockets higher up the wall. If you move electrical sockets to a height of about 4 or 5 feet, they are less likely to be damaged by low-level flooding. 
  • Quick-release internal doors. These can be quickly and easily lifted off their hinges and moved out of the way so that they don’t absorb floodwater. If you can’t be sure you’ll be around to remove doors you can fit synthetic or waxed doors that will resist floodwater.
  • Replace chipboard and MDF units. Materials such as plastic, solid wood and some metals will absorb less water and require less drying out after a flood.
  • Seal exterior walls.
  • Refresh the landscaping to divert water away from the building.
  • Protect your doors and windows. If you don’t have the budget to upgrade to flood-resistant doors and windows, you can fit flood boards quickly if you are expecting a flood. This will require permanent fixtures which will be permanently visible on your building.
  • Choose insulation for exterior walls that you can protect (or easily replace). Fiberglass batts and rigid foam boards can be removed before the flood. Separate fibrous lower wall insulation from upper wall insulation to prevent wicking. Caution: Closed-cell spray foam is very flood-resistant but may cause problems in some walls. Check with a professional before replacing fiberglass with closed-cell spray foam
  • Choose waterproof floor-coverings: ceramic, porcelain, tile, brick, solid vinyl flooring, stained concrete.

If Your Houston Home Floods, Call ServiceMaster Restoration By Century 

When you suffer a flood emergency, find a full-service disaster restoration company immediately to prevent further damage. To restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition and avoid costly mistakes, it is critical to select the most qualified professionals for the job. As the leader in the restoration and cleaning services industry for more than 40 years, ServiceMaster Restoration by Century is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business, ethics, and quality. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century is the premier disaster restoration company in Houston and is always ready to restore your home.