The Dangers of Standing Water & Lingering Moisture

GalvestonCommercial Water Damage Cleanup Galveston, Water Damage Cleanup Galveston is humid. Period. Add in the rainy season, and turbulent seasons in the tropics that spawn storms like Hurricane Harvey and, well, we’ve got moisture issues on our hands. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of dealing with any water-related issues in your business as soon as you find them. No matter how much moisture is involved, just about any level of moisture can quickly turn into mold growth – especially in Galveston’s warm, humid climate.

Here are some things you should know about standing water and/or moisture:

  • Water can seep deep into wall cavities and create pockets of saturation, breaking down the integrity of the wall.
  • If wall cavities are not properly dried, that water will continue to do damage. It is relatively easy to dry visible areas of a home or office, but it is a little more difficult to get into nooks and crannies and ensure the places you cannot see are dry. This is where hiring a professional water damage crew comes in handy – they have special tools to measure moisture in hidden places so you can rest assured everything is dry when the job is done.
  • If the water problem itself is coming from within a wall or another hidden space, there is a possibility the problem existed before you knew about it. Therefore, just because the source of the leak or damage is repaired doesn’t mean there hasn’t been water sitting in and around that area for some time. Again, special tools like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras come in very handy for situations like this.

And yes, mold can grow in as little as 24-48 hours if water is left to sit. If the water is not properly removed and the space dried, it just becomes a breeding ground for mold. From there, mold spores can travel throughout the home in the air and duct systems, just exacerbating the problem.

Calling a professional, reliable restoration company immediately after the water damage happens is critical to staying afloat. Here are some numbers for you:

  • According to FEMA, nearly 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a flood.
  • 25 percent of all flood damage occurs in low to moderate risk areas. Relying on a flood map to protect you may not be enough.
  • Most business insurance policies exclude flood damage.
  • From 2011 to 2015, the average commercial flood claim was more than $90,000.
  • Total flood insurance claims from 2003-2012 averaged $4 billion per year.

The key to getting that “open for business” sign back in the window is acting quickly. Just like you would with any loss in your home, it is important to call ServiceMaster by Century as soon as you can after you discover the water damage. The sooner restoration starts, the less damage that water will do.