How To Deal With A Flood In Your Business

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Galveston, commercial water damage galvestonWhen you live in a place like Galveston, hurricanes and tropical storms are just part of life. Flood insurance is something that you wouldn’t even think about not purchasing, especially for your business. It can be scary to own a business and risk having to deal with commercial water damage cleanup from time to time, but for these occasions, you can always call ServiceMaster By Century. Here are some tips for handling a commercial water damage cleanup situation. 

Contact Water Damage Professionals

The best and the first thing you should do when your business has a flood from a storm or a leak is to call a professional commercial water damage cleanup crew. They have their phones open 24/7 and you should never wait until normal business hours if you have any kind of serious water damage situation. They are always willing to come out at any time of day or night. Professionals know that the longer water damage is allowed to sit, the worse it becomes. Water damage professionals have the right knowledge and equipment to get the job done and get it done fast.

Find Temporary Housing

If you are a business owner, you know that every day your business is out of commission is a day that you lose money. If your water damage is extensive, you may need to look for other options of workplaces to lease temporarily. You can get into contact with a real estate agent who specializes in businesses to find somewhere that will be perfect for your business. Do not try to keep your employees working in a reconstruction zone. There are many things that the commercial water damage cleanup crew will need to do that will require all furniture and people to be out of the vicinity. The best way to keep your employees healthy and happy, and to get your business back up and running is to lease out a new location temporarily. You should also consult with your insurance company to see if they can offer some kind of reimbursement or a temporary location for you to use during this time. 

Make Extensive Records

Your insurance company will need good records of what was lost or damaged in the flood or leak and you will need to devote a good amount of time to organize that. You will likely have an agent to help you with this process, but sorting through damaged items might be a task you will primarily have to shoulder. Taking photographs can help document the damage as well and writing things down on a list or finding receipts for items. Commercial water damage cleanup is a long process, but the harder you work to document, the more your insurance company can help you. 

Floods and water damage can be devastating to anyone whether residential or commercial. As long as you are prepared for it, you can avoid many heartbreaking and frustrating situations during your commercial water damage cleanup