Who Do I Call First? The Restoration Company 

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Galveston, Commercial Water Damage GalvestonExperiencing water damage can be a bit like experiencing a personal trauma. You go into a kind of panic mode and you fumble as you try to figure out what to do first. What do you do? Who do you call? How do you turn the water lines off? Your brain will be moving a million miles a minute although you can’t seem to move your feet. There are reasons why healthcare specialists must go through CPR training several times throughout their career; when there is an emergency you have to know what to do immediately—and the very first thing you should do is call ServiceMaster By Century in Galveston. Here are the reasons why you should call your water damage cleanup company first and who else should be on your emergency phone list. 


Calling your water damage cleanup company is essentially like calling 911 in a medical emergency. Yes, you will need to call your insurance and your mom eventually, but the most important thing to do is call the restoration company who can come fix your home and prevent more damage from occurring. The longer you wait to make the call, the more damage that will be done and that means that in the end, it will end up costing you a lot more. Not every type of water damage cleanup job seems urgent, but it is probably best to let your restoration company make that call instead of you. Even if it is something that doesn’t seem major like a sewage back up in a toilet that you don’t even use all that much, that issue could be causing a lot bigger problems. The bacteria getting into your home could be very dangerous and the toilet could be leaking on the floor and damaging it. Long story short, call the restoration company immediately when you notice a problem. 


If you have running water actively spilling into your home from a controlled water source, then the next call you might need to make it to your utility company. If you don’t know where the water line is or how to shut it off, then this is definitely a call worth your time. In fact, if you are reading this and you don’t know that information, try to figure that out immediately. If in the future you experience water damage, this information will be invaluable. 


Of course, you will need to contact your homeowners or rental insurance after you make the first two calls, but you should wait until you have things somewhat figured out and you are in a safe place before you make the call. Filing a claim can take a very long time, and it is important for your insurance company to be aware of your water damage cleanup situation, but it is also handy to have some sort of idea how much it would cost and the extent of the damage, which is information you will need to get from your restoration company. 

Ultimately, these are all important companies to call, and you should have them all logged away on your phone. However, just as you wouldn’t put off a 911 call in an emergency to chat things up with your mother, don’t hesitate to call your emergency restoration services.