Three Dangers of Water and Flood Damage

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Galveston, commercial water damage galvestonIt is an unfortunate reality that many homes and business owners will have to deal with some form of water damage at some point in their lives. The effects caused by this water damage can be extensive. Structural damage, harmful pollutants, and mold damage are three of the biggest dangers that property owners face from water damage. To maintain safety and clean living conditions, it is critical that water damage is cleaned up in an efficient and quality manner. The best way to ensure that is to hire a cleaning and restoration company you can trust. ServiceMaster by Century in the Galveston area is one such company qualified and prepared to aid you in the restoration and cleanup process after any water damage disaster. Below are three of the hazards water damage can bring to your home or commercial property.

Contaminated Water
Flood water sometimes contains contaminants that can go as far as to seriously endanger the lives of those exposed to it. Flood water often mixes with sewage. There are a host of deadly, diseases that can be found in sewage or otherwise contaminated water. Three of those diseases are cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Each one of these can be deadly. If your home floods, you
need to take extreme caution going back into your home after the flood. If you must go in, wear protective clothing and a surgical mask to protect yourself from any contaminants.

Structural Damage
Floodwater can have a very devastating effect upon a structure. In fact, water traveling at 10 miles per hour has the same force as wind traveling at 270 miles per hour. Thus, floodwater of this kind can cause serious structural damage to your home. Also, standing water, if not taken care of quickly, can erode the foundation of your home and cause serious, permanent damage.

Mold Damage
Mold is one of the most common results of any kind of water damage. It is so difficult to get every last ounce of unwanted water out of your house after a disaster that almost always there will still be moist spots throughout your home that will be breeding grounds for mold growth. The effects mold has on people tend to vary. For those who are sensitive to mold, it can cause minor symptoms such as nasal stiffness, throat irritation, coughing, and eye irritation. For those more seriously affected by mold, they may experience more alarming health risks such as upper respiratory tract symptoms, bronchitis, and even the development of asthma in those who didn’t previously suffer from it.

It is important that you are aware of the three threats posed by water damage up above. Underestimating the dangerous consequences of water damage puts your family and those in your commercial property at unnecessary risk. Don’t hesitate to call the pros if you find your property harmed by water damage. The pros at ServiceMaster by Century in the Galveston area
are here for you to clean up your home after any water damage disaster.