Electronics Cleaning & Restoration

Electronic cleaning HoustonWhen fire or water damage happens to your business, we know that one of your major worries and concerns is your electronics. But, electronics that have gotten wet or have sustained fire damage are not always destroyed. Often times, electronics that are involved in a major disaster can be salvaged.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is important to understand that even if direct damage does not occur, your electronics can still be damaged due to smoke, high humidity levels, and heat. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century has the experience and training needed to determine if an electronic has been exposed to harmful agents and needs to be restored to be fully functional again. ServiceMaster can clean, dry, and restore your electronics after water or fire damage, reducing your property losses and loss of time. 

Restoring electronics is oftentimes less costly that replacing the items, and can help ensure that sensitive data from computers or servers is not lost completely. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Century, we will transport your items to our secure, climate-controlled facility where we will inspect, clean and restore your electronics while the restoration work is being done at your property. When the items are ready to be returned, we will safely transport them back to you.

Our goal is to restore your electronics back to pre-loss condition so you can return to work. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Century, electronics cleaning and restoration is just one of many services we offer. We are prepared to handle your restoration from start to finish, including property restoration and contents restoration.

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