Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Textile Services

servicemaster san antonio, servicemaster Water Damage, water damage cleanup houston, water damage cleanup katy, fire damage cleanup houstonWhen your commercial property is damaged by water, flooding, or a fire, much more than just the structure of your building is affected. Water can stain clothing, textiles, and upholstered furniture and fires can cause immediate and toxic smoke and soot damage. This type of damage is always best left to a professional restoration service that understands how water and fire can affect different textiles and the best methods and processes for treatment and restoration. 

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century has specialized and certified technicians that specifically handle the cleaning and restoration of damaged textiles. Many items can be restored after fire and water damage and can cost a lot less than replacing them. Our specialty services include dry cleaning, laundry, and textile cleaning, and we specialize in the cleaning of textiles affected by water damage or smoke damage. 

Even if the fire did not touch certain items in your property, smoke and soot linger long after a fire is put out and can cause long-term or permanent damage if not cleaned the right way, right away. Fortunately, ServiceMaster Restoration by Century technicians are trained and qualified in detecting damage items and knowing what it will take to restore them to their previous condition. You will never have to worry that a salvageable item is being thrown out, or that a saved item wasn’t cleaned properly. Our cleaning and restoration process is thorough on always on point. 

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