CE Classes from ServiceMaster Restoration by Century

Smoke Mitigation CE ClassWho needs continuing education! Today at ServiceMaster Restoration by Century we hosted a group of adjuster and agents for our monthly CE class. Today’s topic was Smoke Mitigation and Textiles Restoration. The participants in the class got to do many fun activities such as learning how to properly use a chem sponge to test for smoke and the candle test to see how smoke molecules attach to surfaces. Following the smoke mitigation Debbie McPeak from CRDN did a class on textiles to finish out the morning. No CE class is ever complete without some good breakfast and coffee. Great job to Kenny Roberts for another class well done!

IMG_5096If you are in need of CE hours give us a call at 832-925-3468 and we can come to your office or host in ours. We have many different approved courses and can offer times and classes that fit your busy schedules!