Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Services For Your Business

One of the most overwhelming things that can happen to a business owner in Galveston is experiencing a water damage emergency. There are several aspects of owning a business that can be stressful, so that’s really saying something. Having your own belongings destroyed in a flood or fire is one thing but having other people’s belongings destroyed that you were responsible for can be even more devastating. Read on to find out what services are available for commercial water damage cleanup. 

galveston commercial water damageDocument Cleaning

Did you know that your paper produces can be restored? It is vitally important to your paper goods, that you call a restoration professional, like the staff at ServiceMaster by Century, right away. Paper deteriorates rapidly when it comes into contact with any kind of moisture and the longer you wait, the more permanent the damage. Even in this digital age, many companies keep hard-copies of important documents on file. And there are some companies that have documents from before they had digital filing that haven’t been scanned in, though they are important. Paper goods that a water damage restoration company can restore can be photos, diplomas, contracts, receipts and tax documents. 

Textile Cleaning

Many companies rely on sturdy, durable textiles for their business, so they won’t require much cleaning. However, even easy to clean low pile carpet will still require thorough drying and cleaning. Restoration companies have the equipment to vacuum up standing water in your business, dry the existing floor, and make sure that it is bone dry with infrared technology. It is important to make sure that every drop of moisture has been dried out of every surface so that there will be no future mold growth. The subfloor can also take a hit when you let the moisture stay trapped within the carpet. Since carpet has a spongy layer of padding underneath it, it can seem like it is dry when it really has moisture below, making it especially tricky to handle by yourself. So if you want to make sure that the job is done right and the first time, contact a professional right away. 

Works With Insurance

The first call you should make when you discover a water damage issue should be to a local restoration company who is equipped to handle commercial water damage losses. You may also want to contact a local plumber if the source of the water damage hasn’t been taken care of.  It is vital that you get the commercial water damage cleaned up right away to make sure you don’t lose any money while your business is taken care of. One of the great things about this restoration company is that it works well with insurance companies. They will be able to give you clear estimates for the water damage and help to give you tips for documenting your damages. 

It can be heartbreaking to walk into your business and find that there is water damage, however, restoration companies like ServiceMaster By Century are able to restore many things to their previous condition. If there is anything beyond repair, they will be able to replace it and get your business up and running as soon as possible.